Friday, January 28, 2011


This past weekend Grayson and I traveled to Oklahoma to visit Auntie Callie and Uncle Andrew, and their two doggies Tater and Ivy.  Grayson and I had a BLAST!  For starters, it was freezing cold while we were there.  Grayson and I both LOVE the cold.  We stopped by the Oklahoma City bombing memorial that I had never really seen all finished - and it is one of the BEST memorials. Awesome.  I didn't get any pics though.

We then went to Abuelo's in Brick Town in Oklahoma City before making the hour and a half drive to Duncan, where they live. When we arrived at Callie and Andrew's house, Tater and Ivy went crazy with excitement! Particularly Ivy - who just loved Grayson, they were like long lost buddies. Saturday we just kinda watched a movie and hung out, it was cold and windy all weekend. We went on a few walks, Grayson ended up conking out on me though and since he was in the BabyBjorn strap on carrier, he was a heavy 15lb dummy!  

Saturday night we had Bridget, one of their co-workers at Halliburton over for dinner and we watched "Devil". Obviously a scary movie - Andrew wasn't thrilled, he kept wanting to watch the Notebook :) and James was definitely not jealous that he was missing out on a scary movie! Other highlights included the fireplace - Grayson was completely mesmerized by the fire.  I think he could watch fires and Christmas trees for hours!
Abuelo's in OK City, right after arriving
At the Airport - Ready to fly to Oklahoma!
All bundled and ready for a neighborhood walk in Oklahoma
He's not quite sure how he feels about getting his little cheeks chapped from the cold Oklahoma wind
Watching Alvin and the Chipmunks Saturday morning
Tater and Ivy - watching Grayson's every move, they LOVED him
hanging out in Oklahoma

Ivy - She absolutely LOVED Grayson.  And he LOVED her
Gray with Uncle Andrew - right before we had to leave for the airport to come home :(
Here are a few other random pics from around the house!
Believe or not he started with TWO gloves and TWO socks, but in the 5 feet from the changing table to the rocker he managed to wriggle them off! The other sock and glove were gone by the time I finished snapping a few pictures
This boy LOVES walks and cold weather!

This is Grayson's new entertainment center - and it is WONDERFUL!!! I will say, it has really helped him to be able to stand more and more on his legs

He IS getting some hair!!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh How I love. . .

Yesterday I thought to myself, I should write down all my favorite little things that Grayson does.  These are the tiny details that make him Grayson, and honestly, we probably will forget them 10 years down the road.  So, James suggested I blog it so that maybe one day we can look back and remember all these funny little things that make Grayson himself. 

So here are the top ten Grayson details that I love:

1.  The way he makes a fist

2.  The way he gets completely "formula wasted"

3.  The way he sleeps with his arms straight up

4.  The way he puckers his lips, rolls his little tongue, and then sticks it out like a lizard when he yawns (haven't been quick enough to catch this on video but here's the beginning of a yawn)

5.  The way he sticks his arms straight up, locked at the elbow, and stretches with all his might just after he wakes up.  He also cranes his neck up like a little turtle, and recently he also kicks his legs straight out. I think he actually grows a little when he stretches. . . 

6.  The way he can fall asleep ANYWHERE, in ANY position, and sleep great - like a baby

7.  The way he is completely enamored with his own reflection

8.  The little frown I get when I put a hat on him

9. His little Buddha belly

10.  The way he is so happy and lovable :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Auntie Callie's Here!!

This past weekend was busy!  In addition to Parker having surgery and our Aggie football team getting a butt whooping by LSU at the Cotton Bowl, Callie came to visit us!!  We had so much fun! Unfortunately we didn't really take that many pictures - I guess we were just too busy.  

Saturday we worked out at our complex gym, then ate some breakfast at the clubhouse.  We then explored Rice Village where Callie bought an amazing white coat on super sale! Little did I know, but she bought it for me!!  We ate lunch at the Black Walnut Cafe.  YUM!  I'm obsessed with their Mango Cilantro salad dressing.  We shopped all day with perfect weather!  We then picked up James (who had been studying) and met up with Joe and Breana in Pearland for dinner at BJ's Brewery.  Our waitress, bless her heart, was seriously just dumb.  Poor thing.

Sunday we drove out to Tomball to hang with Meemaw.  When we got there she had made a beef stew - ah it smelled SO good! It was perfect for the cold rainy weather.  She showed us her sweet new golf cart that she got to take back to the far fields when she takes Abbey (her yellow lab) back there to run.

Auntie and Grayson - reading a bedtime story
This is the awesome white coat that is now mine!
Meemaw's Golf Cart (its dark blue)

Going on a walk
Hanging out while Mommy gets dressed
Grocery shopping wears a fella out
Hanging out with Casey

Baby Buffalo

Parker has many nicknames in our house.  One of the most used is "baby buffalo."  That's because when he was younger we noticed that he just kinda barreled around like a buffalo.  If you called him over from across the room he would run at you full force - full of excitement - until he hit you.  If he were going after a frisbee, he would go right through bushes and shrubs like they weren't even there.  So the name just stuck.
Tomorrow will be a week since Parker's ACL surgery.  This was him before we took him in for surgery.

And this is my poor sweet baby after the surgery.  He HATES the cone - but he has to wear it until the incision heals so he doesn't cause an infection by licking it.  He also hates being in his cage ALL day, but that too is necessary otherwise he would absolutely re-injure his leg before it's all healed up.  He's like a little kid that doesn't realize they have a broken bone.  So for at least 7 more weeks we have to put up with the pathetic faces and the crying.

He only comes out of the cage to potty, eat / drink, and to get the leg iced.

with his leg shaved you can really see the bruising.  He was really wiggly - so this is the most clear picture I have.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Angel

This is the face of my little Angel.  Right now he knows absolutely no evil.  He loves everyone.  He's not afraid of anything.  He's the sweetest little man I know. 

I love him so much!!!! I'm so grateful that I get to stay home with him everyday and watch him grow and learn.  I do, however, feel this huge pressure to teach him EVERYTHING!!  I feel like if he has any sort of problems (slow at academics, not social, not well rounded, doesn't speak 8 languages and read 5 more) then it will be b/c I have failed to do a good job as his mom in these early years.  I feel the responsibility especially falls on me b/c I spend, by far, the most time with him. Yikes!!!  

His latest joy is playing with his toes :)  They are a pretty cool thing to discover! His 4 month checkup was all positive yesterday!  He's in the 70th percentile for height and the 35th percentile for weight.  As the Dr. put it - "He's long and lean!  He's growing perfectly!"
. . . . . I wish I could have that many chub rolls and be considered 'Long and Lean.'  :)