Saturday, July 16, 2011

Galveston 2011

For the Fourth of July this year we packed up and met my parents, sister and brother-in-law, and aunt and uncle at the family beach house in Galveston!  In addition to the beach house, our camp included one RV (that was where James, Grayson, and I stayed), one camper trailer (my aunt and uncle's) and one boat.  Also along for the vacation were 10 dogs in total, my sister's dogs Tater and Ivey were greatly missed!  

While my parents had planned to be there for 2 weeks, we had originally planned on only one week.  But we had such an amazing time, that we stayed another week!! Here are some of my favorite pics that we took.
Grayson is ready to roll out to the beach!
I truly think my dad's favorite part about the beach are all the kites and flags! One of the first things that is included in "setting up camp" is getting the flags flying :) He always flies a Tech/A&M house divided flag, the US flag, the Texas flag, and a super colorful dragon kite.  This year he added a TCU flag and another dragon to his collection of fliers.  It is pretty cool b/c you can always tell which house / camp is ours from a distance.  Grayson thought the flags and kites were just amazing - they were the first thing he looked for in the morning.  He would just sit and stare in awe!

AMAZING!!! Staring at the Flags and Kites on the deck!
A shot of all the flags and kite!
A few days into the trip my dad realized that he had an ingrown toenail that had been bothering him for about a month, and he had had enough of it.  So, we  found a doctor and got it removed - the Dr. was pretty cool, he let me take some pics of the whole ordeal.  This prohibited my dad from being able to get in the sand or water, but it definitely was worth it, he said it felt much better.
Midway through the nail removal! Pretty cool!
The best part of the Galveston trip was being able to just relax and hang out.  The first week when everyone was there, we were busy working on the puzzle (we do one every year), and taking turns going fishing on the boat.  All of the dogs LOVED the beach! Parker (our chocolate lab) really loved being around all of the other dogs - he LOVES to play! His birthday was celebrated with everyone July 5th - he turned 3 :) My sister took her jeep and had the top off - that was really fun to ride around in.  Callie and Andrew also brought a volleyball / badminton set, so we had some pretty competitive tournaments! That was one of my favorite parts of the trip. (my mom has all of those pics)

The Whole Gang at Gaido's!
My parents and sister and I - out flying kites
Andrew chopping like a pro!
Grayson was able to spend LOTS of time with daddy!!  We all liked NOT having to share James with Medical School! 

The second week that we stayed in Galveston it was just us and my parents.  Callie, Andrew, Uncle Mike and Aunt Ann all had to go back to work :( It was really nice to get some time with my parents since we never see them.  We just played around at the beach, shopped at the Strand, explored the area around the A&M Galveston campus, explored SeaWolf park (the peninsula where immigrants with yellow fever were quarantined in the 1800's), and went to Grayson's first EVER movie at the theatre!!  We figured since he is so obsessed with Cars, that he could handle Cars 2 in the theatre even though he's only 10 months old - we were right!! He did awesome!
YUMMY Seafood!!


Eating at Shrimp 'N Stuff - a local favorite that we hit up every year

My parents bought Grayson this HUGE Octopus that he is now totally in love with!

 The View from our beach house on the last night we were there - BEAUTIFUL!!