Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amarillo Weekend

This past weekend Grayson and I flew up to Amarillo to visit my parents.  It's always a little better when I can get out of town the weekend before James has tests at Baylor - that way he's not torn between hanging out with us and studying.  So, we left on Thursday morning and came back Monday night.  As usual, the weekend went by WAY too fast!

Friday we went to the Tri-State Fair and Rodeo.  If you're not from the panhandle, you may not realize, THIS IS BIG! It was awesome! We started out with some corn dogs and a root beer, had a giant pile of spiraled potatoes, some fried pickles, roasted corn, and ended with a funnel cake and some taffy!

It. Was. Delicious. 

I definitely don't think my body could handle eating like that all the time . . . . but you HAVE to eat the fair food while there :)  Grayson had a great time waving at all the people, looking at all the lights and rides, and dancing to the music!
He was getting a little tired at this point
I LOVE the Amarillo Sunsets!

 Dick Bivins Stadium is right next to the fair grounds. . . Amarillo High was having their homecoming that night so it was especially crowded!

Saturday, we took a little trip to the nearest park and let Grayson toddle around on some grass.  He loved it! I think it helped that he had on shoes that squeaked every time he took a step (thanks to Aunt Callie and Uncle Andrew) :) he just loved hearing that squeak!

Grayson and Daddy checking out the planes before we left!
Grayson and Granny eating some spaghetti
Grayson playing in the wishing well in the back garden . . . that water was pretty cold!

Saying goodbye to my dad up at his school before we went to the airport
Waiting for our flight at the Amarillo Airport
This was on the first hour of the flight home, he was in my lap facing me. . totally crashed! The last 2 hours of the flight were not quite so peaceful
It was an awesome trip and I'm so glad that Grayson and I went up there.  I love seeing my parents, and it's fun to go back and look at where I grew up.  SO much has changed in Amarillo, but so much is still the same too.  I'm excited for James to be done with this round of tests (tomorrow!!) and to have another block of Med school behind us! The cooler weather up there also made me even more excited to go visit my sister and her husband in a couple of weeks (if its even possible to be MORE excited?!) up in Duncan, Oklahoma!


Sale Fails said...

He is getting so big!

shelby said...

haha yeah it is going by so fast!

Tamara said...

Oh. My. Gosh! He's so cute!! I loved the pic with him slumped over in his stroller-Brynlynn did the same thing! ...& LOVE the squeaky shoes! LOVE!

Joe and Breana said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I didn't know he was walking!!! That video is so cute! Love the squeaky shoes! Grayson looks so cute in the pictures with his little cuffed jeans! Love it!

Leslee said...

I bet it was nice to get away! The fair looked like fun!