Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shop Until You Drop. . .

Grayson and I recently made another trip to Amarillo to visit family.  I was so excited that they received about 8.5" of snow right before we got there! The flight up to Amarillo wasn't bad because we flew at 7:30 am - Grayson's Prime Time.  He is always in such a good mood in the mornings. He flirted with the flight attendants and other passengers - he is becoming an avid flyer!  

My parents and Callie and Andrew gave me a late birthday present of a shopping spree for clothes! That was a HUGE surprise, and soo much fun!  Callie and Andrew and their doggies made the long trek to Amarillo from Duncan, OK to come see us too - which was exciting! They had just driven to Dallas and back the night before. I don't know how those two drive as much as they do! :) I couldn't do it, but I'm SO glad they do.
Listening to the Pilot Welcome us to Amarillo!!

We're here!!!!
Seeing Granny again!!!!
    Telling Grandpa all about what he's been up to

Mommy and Auntie Callie :)
Grayson has become quite the little grabber.  Particularly with food and drinks.  He is just SO curious.  While eating at a local bakery, Grayson kept grabbing for Callie's lemons. . . so she let him have a TEENY TINY taste.
Aunt Callie and Uncle Andrew introducing Grayson to LEMONS!
Result:  EWWW!
After eating all together, my dad and Andrew split off to go look at guy things at guy stores, and my mom, my sister, Grayson, and I started OUR shopping at Old Navy.  But we found so many goodies that we never had to go to any other stores! Although, we were well equipped with coupons to many stores that Andrew had sweetly printed off for us to use.  He is the Coupon King! I don't even know how he finds them all!!
This is one of the mounds of snow in the parking lot at the mall. . .it technically was Grayson's first  experience with snow.
This was Grayson at the beginning of our shopping spree - happy, going with flow - browsing the merchandise. . . . 

And this was Grayson several hours later after a melt down and a bottle in the dressing room . . . .

Poor little guy was literally forced to shop until he dropped!

But he's a tough one - he survived the experience just fine!  Here he is the very next day at the mall!
This is back in Houston, he is sporting his NEW hat courtesy of Aunt Callie (purchased during the great shopping spree in Amarillo)
I always love getting to see my parents and Callie and Andrew.  I also always love the cold weather, we were lucky enough to get snow during our visit as well. But it is hard to be away from James, we always miss him tons.  This trip we returned on Valentine's day and G and I were greeted at the airport with beautiful flowers!! I would show a picture, but in my last import of pics from my IPhone to my computer, 98 photos were accidentally deleted in the process. GRR!!! There are no photos of the return flight because we unfortunately flew in the late afternoon, which is NOT Grayson's prime time.  He screamed and wailed the ENTIRE flight.  But that just made the flowers James brought even better because I was on my last leg! G and I had such a great time, we can't wait for the next visit with the family!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Discoveries

I can't believe my little man is 5 months old!!!!!!

It seems like this last week has been full of new discoveries for Little Grayson.  He has started to really examine his pacifier.  I have caught him holding it and just checking it out - several times.  He has also learned how to Rip off his bib.  I'm not at all happy with this newly developed talent.  Especially because he is teething and CONSTANTLY drooling.  He has also discovered sunglasses, and I think he likes them! I wanted to protect his little eyes from the wind and the sun - we take a walk pretty much every day.

Checking out the Pacifier
Ripping off his bib

He has also learned to recognize THIS! when he's hungry and upset you can hold it up and show him that you're working on it and he gets quiet . . . he gives you a whole 30 seconds to get it made.

The new shades!!

We took a walk on Sunday to Hermann Park, around it, and then home.  It's so nice that we live close enough to be able to do this.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL! Grayson and I were really happy to have James join us on this walk - Sunday was a No Study Day for James due to it being my birthday :)

Looking at the clouds and the birds . . .

Watching daddy get in a quick work out

James was also able to join us on our walk yesterday! We walked up to the Baylor Gym and saw where James and his buds work out every day, then we walked back.  It was Super windy and pretty cold, but Grayson still loved it!
Right before we left
This little man LOVES walks!!
Just got across the street and we're already freezing!!
. . . . and about to blow away!

Friday, February 4, 2011


This weekend will be a big weekend in our family - TODAY, Little Gray is 5 months old!!! I can't believe it! TOMORROW, James turns 25! and SUNDAY, I turn 29 - Yikes!  I am personally extremely grateful that we are all 3 healthy and can celebrate being alive.  I would give anything to have one more of Paw Paw's birthdays, or one more of James' Mom's (Sun) to celebrate as well as meet her.

So . . . in honor of James' 25th birthday, here are my top 25 favorite things about James: 
(I promise to keep this from getting too mushy)

25.  His Cleanliness - unlike a lot of males, James is super clean most of the time.
24.  His Mechanic Handiness - In case you didn't know, James is VERY good with automotive work! When Roxy (our Tahoe) needed a new transmission, he saved us $1,000 just by taking out the old one and then putting in the new one himself! (he did have some help from Luke and Jonny)
23.  His Intelligence
22.  His smile - it's completely genuine 
21.  His desire to stay fit
20.  His cooking skills - and that he has NEVER complained about my cooking
19.  His patience / lack of a temper (helps offset me :))
18.  His gentle nature with kiddos
17.  His love of the outdoors
16.  His love of technology and electronics (aka: apple freak)
15.  His giving nature
14.  The fact that one of his favorite songs is the Ting Tings', "That's not my name . . " 
13.  His incredibly deep love for his mother - Even though I've never seen them together, it definitely shows.
12.  His support - he is a really good motivator and supporter
11.  His dedication - to anything he commits to, marriage, school . . everything
10.  The fact that he is TOTALLY unable to resist a bag of chips
9.  His adventurous nature - he always wants to try new restaurants (me, not so much)
8.  The way he treats people and his desire to truly help others
7.  That he will watch any chick flick with me :)  
6.  His Humor - he never takes himself too seriously.  AND, he can make Grayson and I laugh in just about any situation
5.  His dancing skills - trust me, he has them!
4.  His ability to take jokes - about being a book worm, or a nerd, or Asian. . .
3.  That his word is as good as gold
2.  His love for his family

1.  His INSANE good looks!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday tomorrow Sweetie!!!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Simple Joys

There are a lot of little everyday things that really make me happy.  Here's a list of simple things that always put a smile on my face.

There is nothing better than getting into a bed with nice crisp, clean smelling sheets. AH!

Even when you're totally out of shape, the feeling of accomplishment after a good run or workout is so satisfying.  I feel like I've detoxed my body a little bit.

I have to say - I get GREAT joy from checking the pageview counter at the bottom of my blog.  :) There is a little flood of happiness I get when I check it and realize that someone has visited my blog!

Along with getting into a bed with crisp, clean sheets - It's nice to feel that warmth of an electric blanket. (but only when the rest of the house is super cold)

Actual Mail addressed to me. I get excited when I see our mailbox full, but my excitement quickly fades when I weed through the newspaper coupons, the 17 pieces of mail addressed to all the previous tenants of our apartment, the credit card offers, and the Geico flyers - and I realize that there isn't actually any REAL mail. But when there IS real mail - it's a real day lifter!