Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vibram FiveFingers KSO Review

So either I fell trap to one of the best marketing campaigns or I just stumbled upon one of the best inventions ever.  Yesterday I bought a pair of Vibram's FiveFingers KSO shoes.  Surprisingly we actually had a store in town that had them which turned out to be a very unique store.  Along with the shoes I bought Chris McDougall's national book seller "Born To Run."

To test them out I grabbed the doggies and headed to Lick Creek Park here in CS.  The trail was moderately smooth, with rocks here and there but it wasn't too bad.  Although yes, I had to actually look where I was stepping to not puncture my foot with a large rock, I found the thin sole interesting in that it communicated well between the ground and my foot.  They're incredibly light on the step and require that you run with a forefoot/midfoot strike since the heel just doesn't have the cushion to support the popular heel strike.  It also reminded me of my childhood days when Joe and I would run barefoot everywhere and anywhere all day long.

So what do I think about them?  They're interesting yes, funny looking yes, but I think they might have a place for helping correct running form and strengthening the foot and definitely the calf muscles.  As far as "Born To Run," I've finished a few chapters already and it's a great book. (Check my last post for a link to the book)

Here's my new shoes.

P.S.  - I also just finished the popular book "Cesar's Way" by Cesar Milan.  (He's famous for his dog show the Dog Whisperer)  -  Great book for any dog owner/lover of any experience.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A&M vs. Kansas

I hope nobody missed the game last night, because that would just be terrible.  #23 A&M vs #1 Kansas at Reed Arena, and who was there? - ME! The game was so awesome, the Aggs got off to a great start and the 12th man was there 100%.  I know they said that we set a new attendance record of like 13,500 or so.  That's just amazing.

As far as key players, LeBeau was just stellar.  He kept us in the game early and continued to make a presence down low the whole game.  Dash Harris also made some amazing 3-pointers (yes, I said Harris made a shot  - crazy isn't it!?) down the stretch.  But who did I have my eye on?? None other than Ray Turner.  Just a freshman and having only practiced since practically January on he has come to be a strong presence on the boards while putting up respectable points.  He does make freshman mistakes but when you see Coach Turgeon use him over Bryan Davis to guard Aldrich down low, you have to question what Turgeon thinks of him.  So it'll be fun to watch him grow and become better.

Check out the how crowded the arena was, especially the student section.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Just an observation

My sister in law Julie posted some really great pictures of the snow they had in Dallas today and I just couldn't help but notice how similar Jack looked to Randy from "A Christmas Story."  Just a gray scarf would have pulled it off completely.

Snow Day!

I know that practically everywhere got snow yesterday but I just wanted to drop a picture I took coming out of Best Buy last night.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Testing 1. 2. 3. - Blogpress

I'm testing out a new app I got today called blogpress. To sum it up it just let's you blog from your iPhone with text and picture.

Testing the picture quality with a picture from our Amarillo Christmas trip. This is Shelbys grandmother on her dad's side.

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Turkey vs. Beef

So as I've been trying to drop a few lbs the past month and I've been looking around and experiment with a lot of new ways to cook and eat.  One substitute that I've been trying to implement is the turkey.  So lean, so good with stuffing, but boy is it dry when you grind it up.  By no way has it ever compared to ground beef when you're making burgers because lets face it, the fat from beef just melts in our mouth. . mmm.  I've tried probably 3 times before yesterday to cook some type of meal with ground turkey and every time the outcome is DRY, DRY, DRY.

Then comes  I've used the site a lot to try new stuff but yesterday I stumbled upon one entitled "Moist Turkey Burgers." The trick to making these burgers sooo moist is by sauteing the chopped onions (not too much) in a pan before you add it to the ground turkey to make the patties.  I added fresh garlic to the mix and it tasted great.  I'm sorry that I didn't take a picture because it was amazing but I'll just steal one from google and call it done. BOO ya!

(By the way, I so didn't add the red cabbage stuff - I added an avacado. ymmm)

Callie & Andrew

  Not too long ago, Shelby's sister and soon to be brother-in-law Andrew had their engagement pictures taken at Meemaw's house in Tomball.  I can't tell you how many times I walked by that barn and never thought that such cool pictures could come it.  Enough talking, here's the pics. (The 1st is my fav)

By the way, Tyan did all of these while she was about to go into labor, j/k but she was really far along in her pregnancy.   

Friday, February 5, 2010

Going to Med School

So Joe and Breanna have been peer pressuring Shelby and I to post more often so here is try number 24 on trying to jumpstart our blog.  I got the new template, new update, and now I just need the motivation.   As far as what's new in good ol' College Station,  I was accepted by Baylor College of Medicine for the Fall 2010 entry class.  We'll be moving a little closer to a few of y'all but will be leaving others.  We're excited and look forward to the change and challenges that are coming our way.  

As for other news, I'll save it all for another post so I don't run out of ideas.  

Here's a pic from my graduation.