Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year was Grayson's second Halloween.  Last year he was only about 7 weeks old, so this year being almost 14 months he was able to a) remain awake and b) walk!  We started off at the Pearland LDS Trunk or Treat with some friends on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun to get together for some home cooked dinner before hand and then go with our friends the Sittons!  Their two kiddos Summer and Knox were ADORABLE as a princess and a cow!  We also met up with our buddies the Woolards!  Their kiddos Brayden and Brynlee were SUPER CUTE - dressed up as a fireman, and a fairy!

HALLOWEEN 2011 - almost 14 months old!
HALLOWEEN 2010 - 7 weeks old!
This is Halloween 2010 - Grayson was a bumble bee (in a doggie outfit) and Knox was a cute pumpkin!
Even last year at 7 weeks, he knew he was an Aggie!!!!
Back to this year! So after the Pearland Trunk or Treat on Saturday, we went Trick or Treating with the Woolard's again on Monday night (Halloween night)! The kids had a blast, and the dragon costume worked really well for when Grayson did take a nose dive on the sidewalk - he had a lot of padding!


I can't WAIT for next year!!