Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Medical School Adventures

This month James started his rotations! This post may get boring for most of you, I'm writing it more for me to be able to look back on, or for other Med Student spouses to be able to reference.  :) 

It's nice to move a step closer to becoming a practicing Dr., but it also is uncharted territory for us.  We had gotten used to the schedule of the past 1.5 years of classes at Baylor.  He has started out putting in less hours away from home then when he had classes, but the hospital hours are more daytime hours.  The plus about the classroom setting was that he could study mostly in the hours that Grayson was sleeping. This seems to be a constantly changing schedule so far :) 
First up for him is OB/GYN Jan 3 - Feb 25.  First month of that is OB, second month is GYN.  OB is then broken down into 4 different weeks. 
First week: OB - Labor and Delivery DAYS at Ben Taub. This week was ok.  Could have been better, could have been worse.  He typically had to be at the hospital around 5:15am and got home between 6:45 and 7:00pm. Once home, he had about 15-20 minutes of computer work and chart reading to be ready for the next day. He had both Saturday and Sunday off! 
Second week: OB - Clinics at Ben Taub.  This week has been awesome! He gets up at 4:30, has time to work out, gets to the hospital around 6:30 (I think, maybe later) but then he's done by 11:45 every day.  He has spent his afternoons either studying or shadowing different doctors so far.  The rest of the week he has afternoon classes and a Preceptor, but he's been home by 4:30 every day this week.  Now don't get me wrong, Friday is going to stink, stink, stink! He has clinics in the morning, then following his preceptor in the afternoon, then he has OB call from 6pm - 7:30am.  So we're looking at 24hrs straight at the hospital. First time for that, so we'll see how it goes!  Sunday he will have off, and then it's on to week three: OB Intake at Ben Taub!

!!!!UPDATE!!!! 1/22/2012
The 24 hour shift was actually about 26 straight hours. .. but it wasn't that bad! James was totally exhausted, but that's b/c he ended up doing 5 C-Sections that night. Not too bad!

Third Week: OB - Intake at Ben Taub.  This week was pretty easy.  He worked out before in the morning, went in anywhere between 7 and 9 and was typically done around by noon.  He spent the afternoons either in class or following his preceptor.  He was home by 430 or 5:00 every day.  He DID get Monday off though due to MLK day, and then he took Tues. off b/c I was super sick.  So, it was an awesome schedule, but only lasted 3 real days.  There was no going in on Saturday or Sunday. Tonight starts week 4 of Labor and Delivery - Nights!


Leslee said...

Interesting, sounds like they kind of mix it up a lot with this rotation. Friday sounds rough! Good luck!